Dhammakaya International Meditation Center

Why do not you spend some relaxing time with DIMC?

Dhammakaya International Meditation Center, opened in Nasu Karasuyama City, Tochigi, is surrounded by the nature and fresh air. There are some hot springs as well.

When you close your eyes, you’ll hear birds’ singing and feel the breath of wind.

Your anxieties and sufferings will slowly disappear and eventually you’ll be reached the perfect inner calm in such a peaceful place where’s good to meditate.

In our meditation center, Thai Buddhist monks give guidance about meditation not only in Japanese but also in Chinese and English.

Information on each meditation course

Our meditation curriculum is for physical and mental relaxation and for the better health. Our curriculum, “Middle Way Meditation Program” is certified in the United States and many other countries.

We have Thai Buddhist monks who have given guidance about meditation to Japanese and people from other countries for more than 10 years. They are able to give guidance about beginner’s yoga to make you feel relaxed. They help you to release your exhaustion and heal yourself by preparing healthy cuisines to have better health..

Weekend Meditation Beginner Course

This course is from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

We make ourselves relaxing by exercises, having fresh air in the mountains, and listening to birds’ singing in the morning.Then we feel as if we are combined to the nature. We’ll have comfort and refreshing change, and will be ready for going back to our daily lives.

We can increase the energy with full of happiness by making ourselves relaxing by meditation guidance and its practice. What is more important is that you can touch your inner calm.

We understand your time is precious so that’s why we’ll do all the best to support you to have good time with satisfaction by making you have the amazing meditation experiences.

In our center, we offer you meditation guidance, commentary about meditation, and advises about meditation. Our staff are ready to support you any time.

3 Days August 30- September 01

Mediation retreat Program

Day-1    Free style at the day time.

10.00 – 16:00       Check in at the front desk.

16.30                     Relaxation by enjoy the hot spring.

19:00                     Orientation and Evening Chanting/ Meditation

22:00                     Bed time


Day-2    Be Ready

06:00 – 07.00      Morning Chanting and Mediation by the teaching monk

07:00 – 07.30      exercise and Cleaning

07:30                     Morning offering foods to the monks and Breakfast

09:30 – 11.00      Thai culture learning/Ice Breaking/Meditation and Dhamma talk

11:30                     Alms offering food to the monks and Lunch together

14.00 – 16.00      Mediation by the teaching monk guide line *free style meditation  and

Dhamma Talk, mediation clinic by group and reflection

16.30                     Relaxation by enjoy the hot spring.

19.00 – 20.00      Evening Chanting and Meditation( Farewell Ceremony)

22.00                     Bed time


06:00 – 07.00      Morning Chanting and Mediation by the teaching monk

07:00 – 07.30      exercise and Cleaning

08:30                     check out

09.00                     Nikko

12:00                     Lunch

Exercise or Yoga *This activity might be do indoor or outdoor subject to the weather

14:00                     Back to the center

Remarks : The sightseeing time and activities can be flexible



Meals are Thai food cooked deliciously with fresh ingredients. We prepare cuisines with all nutrition. We don’t have vegetarian food.

Meals are breakfast and lunch. We don’t have dinner but we prepare some juice, soy milk, milk, and yogurts. Besides restraining the activity of the stomach and preparing the optimum state for practicing meditation, there are also detox effect and so on.

※If you have allergies or wish to have vegetarian food, please inform us in advance.


Rooms are with baths and toilets. You’ll have relaxed time while having sessions. You can stay alone but please understand that we will designate your room considering the ratio of male and female of basic participants.

Meditation Room



Weekend Meditation Beginner Course : General people  donation 10,000 yen


1.The cost includes accommodation, meals, and transportation service between our center and Ogane Station. To the customers who have applied without accommodation, any amount of donation would be appreciated.

2. Meals and transportation for Nikko Trip are not included in this cost. For anyone who have private car, you can drive to Nikko by yourself.



Thai Meisou no Yu

1021 Sorihata, Nasu-Karasuyama-city, Tochigi 321-0523

Nearest station : JR Okane station大金駅

>>We can arrange transportation service at Ogane Station. Please apply for that at your reservation if it’s necessary.

Tel. 07040969617 / Email :[email protected]




Meditation Retreat Course on May 1-5